Kinnetik Tech is a software development & consulting company in Springfield, Missouri. We provide an excellent and customer focused service for software design and development. We also work with clients to help them find cost-effective solutions that improve their systems, web presence and networks.

Our Software Consulting Solutions
Many businesses struggle with operational delays or provide poor services to customers due to outdated
systems and software. Newer software applications can improve the speed and accuracy of business processes significantly.

IT plays a very important role for modern businesses, similar to the function of the nervous system in our body. Advanced applications can connect different departments, geographical offices, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders together. They improve management of data and also improve decision making by visualizing information in a meaningful way.

At Kinnetik Tech, we have a team of qualified, skilled and expert developers that can design new applications for your business to cut costs and improve turnover.

Benefits of Improving Your Application Software

More and more businesses are relying on updating apps that are capable of improving business functions because of the benefits. Partnering with Kinnetik Tech will give your business the following advantages.

  • Cost-Reduction

  • Using our service can save money for your business in the long run. Training and paying for an in-house IT development team is quite expensive and outsourcing the function to Kinnetik Tech can significantly lower your operational costs.

  • Better Service

  • Apart from designing apps, we can also help your business find existing open-source solutions. We can provide support and training for your staff to improve their understanding of popular ERP and CRM.

    Our staff uses advanced software, such as remote access, to take control of a client’s PC to fix any issues quickly. This will increase the overall customer experience and service standard for your company.

  • IT Experts

  • Kinnetik Tech is a firm that specializes in IT services. We employ some of the best IT support professionals in the industry.

    Our staff keeps up to date with the latest technological changes through shared experiences and training. With our firm, you will get an experienced staff without the need for training them continuously.

  • Focus on Your Core Products

  • In order to compete better, businesses need to constantly focus on their core products and services. Dedicating resources to software development or trying to improve the IT function can often take companies away from their main focus which creates inefficiency.

    By outsourcing your system design needs to Kinnetik Tech your business can get back to focusing on the core products.

  • Greater Flexibility

  • A large number of businesses operate in cycles and there are periods of growth as well as slowdowns. When a company launches a new product for instance, there is a greater need for helpdesk support to explain the product features and application to customers and troubleshoot problems.

    There are also periods of slow growth when a big support team is no longer needed.

    We offer flexible contracts for IT support services in Springfield, Missouri. As our client you can adjust the number of staff members you want dedicated to your services.

  • Exceptional IT Consulting

  • Kinnetik Tech is an IT consulting firm that provides affordable and advanced level B2B consulting services. We provide managed IT services to small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations. A large number of our client base includes new businesses and startups that are trying to make an impact in their industry.